Dec 19, 2007

StereoMirror Covered in Scientific American

The stereo mammography study by BBN and the Emory Breast Clinic continues to get great coverage. Even Scientific American has an article on the study that includes additional statistics from the U.S. Department of Health on the number of women and men diagnosed with breast cancer. Here's the paragraph that mentions the StereoMirror. Stereo mammography provides radiologists with a three-dimensional view of the internal structure of the breast by taking two images from slightly different angles—much the way our two eyes create depth perception, or moviemakers create 3-D IMAX films. These mammography images are displayed on two Planar Systems More…
Dec 13, 2007

Presentation at RSNA

There was a lot of great coverage of the presentation by Dr. David Getty at RSNA. He discussed the results of the clinical study performed by BBN and the Emory University Breast Clinic. The study evaluated whether digital stereo mammography could significantly reduce false positives and false negatives in the detection of breast cancer. Here's a sample from an article in the RSNA publication distributed at the show. Check out page six. Dr. Getty said he now looks to improve standard scrolling through the stack of image slices by giving radiologists a stereo view through the volume of slices. If this technology works, he said, radiologists could More…
Nov 28, 2007

Mobile Technology for Law Enforcement

The latest issue of Law and Order magazine recently published a great list of benefits from mobile technology. The list is targeted at police chiefs, but can apply just as easily to any organization with a field force that needs information deployed on location. Here are some of the highlights. One United Kingdom police study showed that mobile data solutions saved officers an average of five hours per week and reduced the number of return trips to the station from two to one. That same study also showed that an average identification check conducted via two-way radio took more than four minutes, but was reduced to under 10 seconds when conducted More…
Nov 09, 2007

Digital Mammography

Good Morning America did a review this week of various technologies for detecting breast cancer sooner. The clip highlights some solutions that are still years away from being readily available. It's still interesting coverage for us, as the StereoMirror is being used in clinical trials for digital mammography. Look for more announcements about this at RSNA.Here's a highlight from the article that accompanies the GMA story.   Doctors said patients' best bet for now is using digital mammography to see the cancer in the smallest possible stage, which can make a huge difference. It can detect things traditional mammographies can't. Sixty percent of More…
Oct 15, 2007

Electroluminescent Displays on the Space Shuttle

We came across this NASA image from 1985 of a Planar electroluminescent (EL) display on the space shuttle. The display was part of the GRID laptop, one of the first notebooks on the market. The fact that EL displays can handle 100 G's was definitely a plus for this application.
Oct 12, 2007

Transparent Multi-touch

This isn't a result of our new transparent EL technology, but it is interesting. Microsoft Research has developed LucidTouch, a concept product with the touch screen on the back of the panel. 
Oct 05, 2007

SEG in San Antonio

I just got back from SEG (Society of Exploration Geophysicists) in San Antonio. The society is focused on the exploration of oil and gas. It was an impressive show that included a half dozen booths sporting more square footage than my house. It is always fun to show the StereoMirror technology to a new group of people. Hearing "wow", "cool", "oh my goodness" and exclamations unprintable in a family friendly blog make me really glad I have this job. We found a conglomerate of stereo enthusiasts that use 3D visualization for seismic interpretation. My hope is that developing some corporate relationships with companies that provide the visualization More…
Oct 03, 2007


If you are curious about how stereoscopic displays work, we have put together some great resources on this topic. Check out Stereoscopic 101 and several comparison grids showing the pros and cons of various stereoscopic/3D display technologies.
Oct 01, 2007

What if your display was also a scanner?

See the coverage on Planar's very own display guru, Adi Abileah. The article reviews Adi's SIGGRAPH presentation on technology that Planar developed for embedding optical scanning capabilities within an AMLCD monitor.