Matrox and Planar: Like Peanut and Butter.

Matrox has introduced a new video card that is specifically designed to support Stereo 3D monitors like our SD1710.

We've been working with Matrox for over a year to demonstrate the combination of our SD1710 and their line of Parhelia graphics cards. Matrox developed the new Parhelia Precision SDT card to eliminate the need for an extra inverter card that mirror flips the video to the top monitor while providing speed and power for manipulating large image files and 3D graphics. The new card supports OpenGL stereo for many professional applications and, because it's PCI based, it can be used in a wide variety of systems without requiring a more advanced graphics slot.

Our SD1710 works with a number of different cards (like the nVidia Quadro or 3Dlabs Realizm lines), but this new Matrox Parhelia Precision SDT is a great solution to setup a stereo workstation.

  • Matrox Parhelia Precision SDT card for Stereo/3D displays
  • The Planar SD1710 Stereo/3D monitor