Jan 20, 2006

CRT's & LCD's: The tale of the tape.

  A friend asked me today what could be expected between a CRT's life and a LCD's life. His question came from two perspectives. His experience using CRTs and Flat Panel displays in the consumer sector and in medical displays. These are distinctly different applications and the life of each is affected by the application. The two technologies age differently, but there are some things that can be compared. CRT life is generally defined as the point at which luminance declines to one half of its original luminance. There are two principle controlling causes. 1. cathode emission current reduction 2. phosphor aging (general loss in overall electron More…
Jan 17, 2006

Matrox and Planar: Like Peanut and Butter.

Matrox has introduced a new video card that is specifically designed to support Stereo 3D monitors like our SD1710.We've been working with Matrox for over a year to demonstrate the combination of our SD1710 and their line of Parhelia graphics cards. Matrox developed the new Parhelia Precision SDT card to eliminate the need for an extra inverter card that mirror flips the video to the top monitor while providing speed and power for manipulating large image files and 3D graphics. The new card supports OpenGL stereo for many professional applications and, because it's PCI based, it can be used in a wide variety of systems without requiring a more More…
Jan 10, 2006

Tactile feedback on a Flat Touch Screen

Here is an interesting idea. For those applications where the user needs a little more feedback on what they're touching.I don't know if I've ever experienced this in a large format display. I wonder what applications it would be useful for.Apparenlty, automotive would be one of those applications. VW appears to be using this on new cars.What about emergency medical applications, where feedback through gloves could be an additional benefit?How much extra is this technology and under what circumstances is this an acceptable premium to pay?
Jan 06, 2006

Cold Fingers & Touch

We know that Capacitive touch screens don't always work with gloves. But can a glove be modified to work with a capacitive touch screen? 4Sight Products thinks so.Tavo Gloves...I haven't tried these, but it seems like a cool idea for those who might have to work around capacitive touch devices in cold temperatures. Like police and emergency personnel.