Nov 02, 2006

60 Minutes Includes Shot of Electroluminescent Display

On October 29, 2006 CBS 60 Minutes featured a moving story about the advances of medical technology on the battlefield and their impact on the number of lives that are saved in Iraq. In this segment, there is a shot of a Propaq medical device with a Planar EL elctroluminescent display. It's worth watching the entire segment, but you can see the EL display at 3:17 on the timeline. Watch the 60 Minutes Segment
Aug 21, 2006

Xscreen is reaching out

It looks like the reception to our Xscreen line of products has been really positive. The people who have had a chance to get in front of the screen and see it for themselves have been really impressed. AVing has a nice write up.It seems that some people aren't quite understanding that this is a screen that is supposed to be used with a projector. There's an impression out there that the Xscreen itself is producing the image. So let's be clear: the Xscreen is a projection screen that makes the image from a projector look great, even in regular lighting.
May 25, 2006

Multi Touch & User Identification through Touch screen?

The folks at NewScientist.com report that MERL has created a touch screen sensor system that allows, and recognizes multiple simultaneous touches AND can identify who is touching the screen.Seems like a pretty impressive technology. There is a 4.1M movie showing the sensor in action.The question of usefulness comes to mind, and that is a two part question. If you can identify who is touching the screen, then what can you provide specific for that uses? When is multiple simultaneous touches useful. And is there more benefit if those two functions happen at the same time?The article references games & automobile applications. Maybe there is More…
Apr 24, 2006

Electrowetting Displays

So it looks like Philips has come up with a 'paper replacement' display technology. The idea? Liquids trapped and zapped. Take a drop of ink and drop it in a tiny glass prison. When it's shocked with a small current it 'disappears'... another shock (presumably from a different direction or frequency) and it reappears.ExtremeTech: Philips Spins Off 'Electrowetting' Display VentureSounds interesting, but...1) It's still glass, and so far no one has delivered foldable glass.2) They've got black and white, but so does eInk.3) They say they can do color, but it seems like it should be an easy step from dropping in more colors of inks. So why haven't More…
Mar 31, 2006

Specs Vs. Real world testing of 20" widescreen monitors

bit-tech.net | 20" widescreen monitor group testBeing an Engineer, specs always seem to matter. The folks over at Bit-tech.net added a little real world testing to their evaluations.Its interesting to read what they considered real world and what they liked.It would have been nice to see, a little note that said something like. "on paper this monitor should be the best... But we liked x-monitor because...".Being an engineer this could even be good information to consider when designing the next big thing.Specs vs. Real world...Hmm
Mar 23, 2006

Corning's new LCD glass

It looks like Corning has made a great advance in getting the LCD manufacturing process a little more green. They've replaced all of the heavy metals that are used in the manufacture of the LCD display panels. Their new Eagle XG product looks like a real advance for the industry as a whole.Corning's press release was posted to a number of blogs and other web sites:Photonics TodayCIO MagazineA to Z of Materials-Dr. D.
Mar 20, 2006

What's in *your* Monitor?

Over at Slashdot, they linked to a great little 7 page primer on what makes up CRT and LCD displays. Get the low down on AMLCD (Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Displays) and find out what TFT really means.How CRT and LCD Monitors Work-Dr. D.
Mar 07, 2006

A glowing review of our new products

The fine folks over at CRN magazine recently noted: Planar Systems does displays right. Not only do they have more than 20 years of display expertise and experience, but they understand the target market and customer applications, as well as trends from the supply side. Recently, the company released a new line of LCD monitors, which will be available with a QuadStand base for resistance-free height, tilt, swivel and pivot adjustments. The new line of monitors offers versatile viewing angles and more than five inches of height adjustment so business professionals can easily configure the position of the monitors for ideal viewing. Man, that sure was More…
Feb 23, 2006

Watch this 'Space'

Keep watching this space as Planar gets set to roll out some interesting new developments. Other sites like GenX Tech have started to catch up on our 3D technology and some of the great uses that StereoMirror is being put to. If you've not heard about our StereoMirror, GenX Tech's Recap of Planar's 3D Monitor isn't a bad place to start. After that you can see our product details on our StereoMirror specs page.
Feb 21, 2006

Its Friday Afternoon in Asia

You've actually completed enough work for the week to look up at your cubicle wall. What do you do with all of that free time?Balance your check book? Nah.Google for the latest Hilary Duff news? Nah, that's what RSS is for.Yep That's right you try and break your new vandal proof touch screens powered by Castpost!Pretty cool huh? I felt myself clapping along too.There is a bit of a trick to this though. Note that there is a frame that supports the glass. This is very important as that frame absorbs the energy from the ball / handset. The glass still is tough, to be sure, but that energy has to go somewhere. So if you try this in your office make sure More…