Leyard International Brand

Brand Guidelines

Leyard International is pleased to introduce our logo materials and branding guidelines to help you facilitate our communications. Our company has evolved its strategic mission to become the global leader in specialty displays focusing on the most demanding applications and markets. The elements of the brand are a testament to our customers about how we are continually growing to go above and beyond their expectations.
Your help in maintaining a consistent look and voice for the Leyard International brand is vital to our success going forward. We thank you for communicating our identity in a professional and responsible manner.

Download the Leyard International Brand Guide

Logo Usage Guidelines

Please follow these general guidelines for using the Planar logo.

  • Clear Space Guidelines

The amount of clear space left around the Corporate Signature profoundly affects its power as a memorable mark. Too little space left free around it and it blends into its surroundings. Too much space around the Corporate Signature will overpower it, causing it to become insignificant. Maintain a clear space equal to the width of the letter 'A' in the Planar logotype or the letter 'D' in the Leyard logotype in all applications.

  • Inappropriate Applications  

Any application of the Signature that does not adhere to the guidelines may be inappropriate and serve to diminish the effectiveness of our Visual identity.  

1. Do not change color relationships

2. Do not rearrange elements

3. Do not animate the signature

4. Do not use the arc by itself

Brand Colors

A listing of PMS, CMYK percentages, 24-bit RGB and Web/Hex color definitions.

Primary: Leyard Crimson
PMS: 1805 C
CMYK: 10/100/100/20
RGB: 185/25/30
HEX: #B9191E
Secondary: Vivid Cyan
CMYK: 69/25/0/0
RGB: 36/162/243
HEX: #24A2F3
Secondary: Medium Grey
PMS: 877 C
CMYK: 45/34/34/0
RGB: 138/141/143
HEX: #8A8D8F
Tertiary: White
PMS: White
CMYK: 0/0/0/0
RGB: 255/255/255
Secondary: Planar Deep Blue
PMS: 302
CMYK: 100/25/0/50
RGB: 0/65/101
HEX: #004165
Secondary: Maroon
CMYK: 10/100/100/20
RGB: 99/23/25
HEX: #631719
Secondary: Cool Grey 9
PMS: Cool Grey 9
CMYK: 30/22/17/57
RGB: 117/120/123
HEX: #75787B
Tertiary: Black
CMYK: 0/0/0/100
RGB: 0/0/0
HEX: #000000