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Planar LookThru LCD

Transparent Displays

Planar® LookThru™ Series transparent LCD displays include the 32" Planar LookThru LCD Display Box and the 32" Planar LookThru Open Frame Installation Kit. These displays allows users to view video or imagery on an LCD glass display while enabling designers to overlay text, digital images, and video content onto real objects or scenes that sit behind the glass.

  • Planar LookThru LCD


  • Planar LookThru LCD


Transparent LCD Display Box

The 32" size of the Planar LookThru Transparent LCD Display Box (TD3200) is large enough to display a wide variety of merchandise or artifacts while providing a spacious see-through display surface for digital signage messaging without obstructing the view of the product. The Planar Planar LookThru Transparent LCD Display Box can easily be integrated into counter or shelf displays without custom fixtures or remodeling.

Transparent LCD Open Frame Installation Kit

The Planar LookThru LCD transparent display (LT3200) is a high performance open frame transparent display kit for use in customer-designed enclosures. The Planar LookThru LCD transparent display allows you to easily integrate the 'wow' factor of a 32" transparent LCD display into your custom fixture.

Brilliant Picture Quality

Planar LookThru transparent LCD displays utilize proprietary Planar® Ultimate Color Illumination and Contrast (UCIC™) technology for amazing color, contrast, and transparency. These high-definition LCD displays provide extraordinary, eye-catching transparent display performance with best-in-class optical clarity, color saturation, contrast, and black opacity. The Planar-designed LED illumination system efficiently presents sufficient light to fully illuminate the contents of the display enclosure and the LCD display simultaneously.

High Durability

Planar LookThru transparent LCD displays feature Planar® ERO™ (Extended Ruggedness and Optics™) technology to create a highly durable display and accommodate touch screen usage in interactive applications.

Model NumberPart Number
TD3200 997-6821-00
LT3200 997-6868-00