1. PLI Ultra

Planar Imager

Full Resolution Video Wall Workstation

The Planar® Imager (PLI) Full resolution Video Wall Workstation is a robust and industrial-grade, network-attached workstation designed to drive Planar video walls at native resolution. PLI allows SCADA diagrams, maps, satellite imagery, presentations, simulation renderings, and other rich data sets to be displays on the video wall to their maximum inherent detail. Data and applications can run on the PLI directly or client applications can run on the PLI while receiving a data stream over the network.

  • Planar Imager


  • Planar Imager


The PLI can also be paired with Planar® Indisys® Video Wall Processor, laying images from computers, cameras, or video servers on top of the PLI's full resolution background. 

Maximum Up-time

PLI is a solid workstation with 24x7 reliability. The industrial chassis houses the latest in commercial processing, memory, cooling, graphics output, fail-over network, and hard drive capability. Dual processors for extra power and protection is also available. PLI is built for robust video wall applications of up to 48 full high definition displays.

PLI works seamlessly with Planar's Indisys video wall processor, adding a redundant imaging and control system while keeping the video wall running no matter the circumstances.

Designed to Work with Planar Displays

Planar video wall displays have built-in advanced graphics capabilities. PLI can utilize these functions in a way that requires less horsepower in the PLI workstation than would otherwise be required, keeping the system balanced and efficient. PLI works with Planar's Clarity® LED3 Series rear projection video wall displays and Clarity® Matrix® LCD Video Wall System, creating a single large, full resolution desktop on a video wall.

Synergy with Planar Indisys Video Wall Processing

If a video wall requires external video sources placed on the video wall, Planar Indisys video wall processor is the preferred choice. Graphics feeds from other servers and workstations, or camera feeds from across the network are common requirements. In addition, PLI blends seamlessly with Planar Indisys video wall processor to allow for a full video wall solution - a high-resolution video wall backdrop with layered or picture-in-picture ancillary inputs.

Planar Indisys video wall processor can also allow any computer’s content on the network to be shared with others on the network or on the video wall. PLI coordinates this with Planar Indisys video wall processor, allowing live screen grabs to be drawn onto the video wall.