The Indoor Signage Standard

LeyardThe Leyard uEV Series LED cabinet design offers durability and precise alignment.  It allows for comfortable access to all replaceable components through easily accessible doors in the rear.  The design delivers ample air flow so the units maintain well-cooled but do not require noisy or failure-prone active cooling mechanisms.

From the front, the Leyard uEV Series is architected with magnetic LED tiles or modules that adhere securely to the LED cabinet face so they can be replaced as necessary without disturbing the rest of the video wall.  

The Leyard uEV Series comes with software that allows for image optimization as well as diagnostic capability. The Leyard uEV Series and its proven image quality provides a winning solution for a wide range of indoor digital signage needs where typical viewing distance is greater than 30 feet away.  Available in pixel pitches of 4, 5 and 6mm, its ideal for larger high impact video walls.

The Leyard uEV Series is a line of high-impact, large format LED video walls available in 4, 5 and 6 millimeter pitches that are ideal for indoor digital signage applications.


Model NameuEV4uEV5uEV6
Pixel Pitch 4mm 5mm 6mm
Resolution (per Cabinet)
180 x 240 144 x 192 160 x 160
Cabinet Size

28.35" x 37.8" x 5.35"
720mm x 960mm x 136mm

28.35" x 37.8" x 5.35"
720mm x 960mm x 136mm

37.8" x 37.8" x 5.35"
960mm x 960mm x 136mm