Leyard LED MultiTouch brings LED video walls to life with a beautiful, smooth-to-the-touch interactive surface. Incorporating Leyard PLTS (Pliable LED Touch Surface) technology and a sleek touch frame, Leyard LED MultiTouch delivers a high-performance, interactive experience with 32 simultaneous touch points for single or multi-user environments.

High Impact, Simple Design

Leyard LED MultiTouch is designed with Leyard PLTS technology to integrate easily with Leyard LED video walls. Leyard LED MultiTouch's lightweight, thin and unobtrusive design makes it ideal for almost any environment since it does not dramatically affect the mounting depth of the video wall.

Improved Optical Performance

Leyard PLTS technology enhances the optical performance of LED video walls when compared to glass-covered interactive video walls. Parallax error is avoided and, with Leyard PLTS's anti-glare properties, distracting reflections are eliminated.  Additionally, the specially formulated, patent-pending material allows the LED video wall to maintain uniform color and brightness in direct and off-axis viewing.

Seamless Interaction

Leyard LED MultiTouch with the Leyard PLTS surface material continuously spans across LED video walls up to 196" diagonal, creating a completely seamless interactive surface area. The touch surface is an extremely thin, lightweight, anti-static material applied directly to the LED video wall, creating a protective, durable surface for multiple users to interact at once. 

Industry Awards


Available Models

Models Part Number
Leyard TWA MT32 2x2 997-9134-00
Leyard TWA MT32 3x2 997-9135-00
Leyard TWA MT32 4x2 997-9136-00