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Planar UltraRes 3D

3D 4K LCD Displays

The Planar® UltraRes™ 3D is a 98" Ultra HD LCD display that can move seamlessly between 2D and continuous stereo 3D with passive glasses. Planar UltraRes 3D is the ideal display for customers who work with 3D and 2D visual information for big data analysis, simulation and a range of uses in the design industry.

  • Planar UltraRes 3D


  • Planar UltraRes 3D


Stunning 3D Realism at 4K Resolution

Planar UltraRes 3D uses film-type patterned retarder technology to display two images at once using line division, each circularly polarized to be visible to one eye at a time.  The result is brighter 3D than active alternatives on  98" large format LCD displays.

Passive Glasses

The Planar UltraRes 3D uses passive glasses, which greatly minimize fatigue and eye strain when viewing 3D images and facilitates hours of comfortable use. They are lightweight, relatively inexpensive and include no electronic or moving parts, resulting in no maintenance, low weight and lower cost.

2D or 3D

Planar UltraRes 3D can display conventional 2D images, maintaining the capability of a multi-purpose, ultra high resolution display. Planar UltraRes 3D is compatible with numerous graphics cards and 3D visualization software tools in various applications, including:

  • Data Visualization
  • Molecular Modeling
  • Engineering Design
  • 3D Production Review
  • Oil and Gas Exploration
  • Simulation and Training

Planar UltraRes 3D 98" is also available with 32-point multi-touch technology.

Multi-source Viewing

Featuring built-in UltraRes™ MediaPlex™ functionality, up to eight directly attached sources can be viewed, four at a time, in Full HD quadrants within the display. Whether sources are Full HD, sub-1080 or 4K, they can all be viewed in the 1080 quadrants and, upon command, be up-scaled to fill the entire 4K display area. With the Planar® UltraRes™ App, use an iPhone®, iPad® or Android device to conveniently manage multi-source viewing on Planar UltraRes Series displays.

Breakthrough Energy Efficiency

Planar UltraRes 3D displays come with an advanced energy-efficient design that utilizes edge-lit LED technology and passive cooling. The displays can automatically switch to standby mode when no source is detected and consume less that 0.5 watt of standby power. 

Model NumberPart Number
UR9850 997-7699-00
UR9850-ERO-B-T 997-7828-00