Multiple Configurations

Planar LUX70 and LUX80 displays are available in a wide range of configuration options to suit any application. Planar UltraLux Series commercial-grade displays are available in portrait or landscape or wall-mount or free-standing and black or white color options. 

Planar Profile Mounting System

Planar UltraLux Series displays feature the Planar Profile™ Mounting System for easy installation. The Planar Profile Mounting System design incorporates a kick-stand that tilts the display away from the wall for easy access to electronics on the back.

ERO Advantage

Planar UltraLux Series displays are available with Planar's ERO™ (Extended Ruggedness and Optics) optically bonded glass, providing a glass surface that protects the LCD from damage caused by passersby in high traffic or public environments. ERO also improves perceived contrast by more than 300 percent, giving viewers the highest quality visual experience, making it more readable and impactful even in bright public venues.

Redundant Power Supply

Planar UltraLux Series displays feature a redundant power supply design to ensure continuous operation. If one power supply fails, the remaining power supply will continue to power the display to ensure uninterrupted operation.

Integrated Media Player Storage

Planar UltraLux Series displays include a media player compartment enabling a fully integrated, plug-and-play digital signage display system.

Efficient Power Management 

With superior thermal control, Planar UltraLux Series displays operate without fans, providing whisper quiet operation and reduced points of failure. 

Model NumberPart Number
LUX70 997-7234-00
LUX80 997-7239-00
LUX70 with ERO 997-7235-00
LUX80 with ERO 997-7240-00

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