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Planar PS8250T

82" Interactive LCD Display

The Planar® PS Series PS8250T is an 82" commercial-grade, multi-touch LCD display offering up to 10 touch points and is compatible with Windows, MacOS X, and Linux. 

The Planar PS Series PS8250T is the ideal combination of value, performance, and 24x7 reliability for interactive applications.

  • Planar PS8250T


  • Planar PS8250T


Engineered from the ground up for extended commercial use, the Planar PS8250T is recommended for 24x7 operation and comes standard with multi-touch, built-in speakers and a wide array of inputs.  Featuring LED backlight technology, the Planar PS8250T offers the benefits of low power consumption and a slim profile.

The Planar PS8250T bezel is logo-free, allowing the spotlight to shine on the screen and not the frame.  For added protection, the metal bezel improves durability and reduces heat load on the LCD.  The Planar PS8250T frees your frame from distracting logos and focuses attention on your brand and messaging. 

Model NumberPart Number
PS8250T  997-7923-00

Interactive Annotation

For annotation and whiteboarding needs, Planar® TouchMark™ is the premier collaboration solution. This easy-to-use software provides the essential toolset for collaborating on-screen in meeting rooms and classrooms. A single-user license of Planar TouchMark is included with all Planar PS8250T LCD Displays. Additional licenses are available for purchase at www.planaronline.com.

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    Planar TouchMark

    Planar® TouchMark™ Software is the premier collaboration solution for annotation and whiteboarding with Planar touch-enabled LCD displays. This easy-to-use software provides the essential tool set for collaborating…Read more