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Planar IX Series

28" 4K LCD Monitor

The Planar® IX-Series 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) 28" LCD monitor delivers an immersive 4K experience for the desktop, bringing life to still images and video.  With its unbeatable image clarity, flexible connectivity options – including 2 DisplayPort and 2 HDMI video inputs and built-in USB 3.0 Hub, the Planar IX-Series is sure to impress. 

With four times the resolution of full HD, Planar IX-Series ultra HD monitors delivers life-like picture quality.  The Planar IX-Series provides a turn-key solution for applications requiring simultaneous, multi-source viewing of critical visual information up to 4K in resolution. 

  • Planar IX Series

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  • Planar IX Series


Planar IX2850

The Planar IX-Series features the Planar® IX2850, a 28" Ultra HD monitor that allows desktop users to work more efficiently.  With the ability to view up to four full HD sources on a single display, user productivity is enhanced and provides an improved desktop work experience.

The Planar IX2850 delivers up to 4K resolution at 60Hz native refresh rate through DisplayPort, eliminating blurring while viewing video. A built-in USB 3.0 Hub connects multiple peripherals directly with the monitor.

Introducing FlexFour Software

The Planar IX2850 features Planar's FlexFour™ software, allowing up to four video sources to be efficiently viewed, sized, and moved independently.

Dual and Quad-Stand Bundles

The Planar IX-Series offers dual and quad Planar IX2850 bundles to easily and economically assemble a workstation to mirror up to 16-display video wall configuration using either a dual monitor stand or quad monitor stand with two or four Planar IX2850 monitors.

Industry-Leading Warranty

The Planar IX-Series includes Planar's leading CustomerFirst™ 3-Year Warranty featuring FREE 2-Day Advance Replacement.

Planar IX-Series Review & Award

The Gadget Guy

David Novak, The Gaget Guy, describes the Planar IX2850 as able to handle “4K images wonderfully and has no trouble displaying all shades of gray. Viewing-angle performance is better than most, and it comes with a fully adjustable stand and a better feature set than most in its category, and certainly in its price range. We highly recommend this 4K monitor, both for the price and the performance.”

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Planar IX2850 - 2014 Tom's Hardware Smart BuyTom's Hardware

Describes the Planar IX2850 as "Excellent 4k at an Excellent Price." Christian Eberle writes "For its excellent performance, unique FlexFour feature and unbeatable value, we're giving it the Tom's Hardware Smart Buy Award."

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PC Magazine

The Planar IX2850 "is a solid 28-inch 4K monitor that delivers a sharp high-resolution image and is equipped with all the I/O connections you'll need" writes PC Magazine reviewer John Delaney.

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Model NumberPart Number
IX2850 997-7685-00
IX2850 Dual-Stand Bundle 997-7721-00
IX2850 Quad-Stand Bundle 997-7720-00