A Simplified Design and Sales Process

With PlanarView, users can instantly compare different Planar displays and Leyard fine pitch LED video walls to determine the ideal product and configuration for their unique space—bringing the design to life with actual video content.

Realistic Visualizations in Three Simple Steps

PlanarView enables users to create high-quality, intuitive visualizations in three simple steps:

  1. Take a photo of their space: Users of the app can quickly take a photo of a space from their mobile device by tapping the “create” button from the home screen and photographing the environment. They can then add scale and proportion by outlining the corners of their space and using a slider to indicate the dimensions.
  3. Select and configure their digital displays: Users can scroll through a list of products to determine which Planar displays they want and then add them to their environment. They can add products in any arrangement to bring their customized design to life by adding video content across their display configurations to add a dimension of realism.
  5. Save, edit and share their designs: Once satisfied with their design, users can save it, retrieving it from their mobile devices at any time. PlanarView allows users to share designs via e-mail and Facebook, and quickly obtain quotes for their configurations from Planar. Customers can also obtain instant product information about specific Planar displays.


PlanarView is available for iPhone®, iPad® (iOS 8.3 or later) .