Simplified Installation and Service

Planar provides innovative mounting solutions that reduce installation and service time and expense. The Planar EasyAlign Mounting System allows Planar DirectLight LED video walls to be mounted directly to the wall surface, eliminating the need for a recessed wall or additional mounting frame. 

Thin Design

The combination of the Planar EasyAlign Mounting System and Planar DirectLight LED display module result in LED video walls that measure a mere four inches in depth, screen-to-wall, as opposed to other LED designs that require significantly more clearance. As a result, Planar DirectLight LED video walls have the thinnest footprint of any LED video wall on the market today and are compliant with the American's with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirement for protruding objects of less than four inches.

Precise Alignment

The Planar EasyAlign Mounting System features adjustment cams that facilitate precise six-axis alignment ensuring uniform, seamless module placement and perfect compatibility between the mount and LED video wall.

Simplified Service

For simplified service, mounting brackets are designed so one person can install and remove each individual LED display module.  In addition, front service access to all components allows for efficient and cost-effective in-place servicing.  When an LED display module needs to be accessed or removed, it is easily accomplished without the need to remove other modules within the video wall. Lockable LED display modules provide added safety and security.

undefined Planar EasyAlign Mounting System bracket in 2x3 configuration


Total mounted depth of less than 4" including Planar EasyAlign Mounting System and LED display module