If you like Pokémon Go, you should try PlanarView

Pokémon Go, the widely popular app that has been all over the news, is not only taking fame for its nostalgic connection to the beloved 1990s children’s game, but also for its modern use of augmented reality. Similarly, Planar, a Leyard company began playing with augmented reality last year with the release of the PlanarView™ Visualization App, a tool that transforms the way people envision and plan their commercial display environments. With PlanarView, customers can interact with Planar and Leyard displays in a similar way that gamers are interacting with their favorite Pokémon characters.

Visualize the real world differently. PlanarView enables users to create high-quality, intuitive visualizations by taking a photo of a space from their mobile device and then scrolling through a list of products to determine which Planar displays they want. They can add products in any arrangement to bring their customized design to life by adding video content across their display configurations to add a dimension of realism.

See digital content overlay the physical environment. Utilizing the latest augmented reality technology, PlanarView enables customers to overlay Planar displays and Leyard fine pitch LED video walls on top of photos of their actual spaces, design product arrays and provides a truly realistic and professional visualization of their designs.

Make it a multi-player by sharing designs with others. Once satisfied with their design, users can save it, retrieving it from their mobile devices at any time. PlanarView allows users to share designs via e-mail and Facebook, and quickly obtain quotes for their configurations from Planar. Customers can also obtain instant product information about specific Planar displays.

Plus, the best thing about PlanarView is that you don’t have to wander into any obscure places to “catch” displays. They’re already provided on the app for your viewing pleasure.

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