Dec 16, 2005

Surprise! LCD Market Grows

Just in case you hadn't caught on to the trend, the market for LCD Monitors continues to grow, year over year, by 36%.Of course, it's the low end of the market that's growing. The 17" and 19" monitors are definitely hot hot hot this season, and will continue to be the leaders for quite a while.-Dr. D.


Dec 14, 2005


Here is an update on our view of the AMLCD and EL capabilities. AMLCD's continue to improve in performance and cost as the consumer applications like TV drive high volumes. Plasma has driven significant improvements in video speed and brightness of AMLCD. These technology improvements also filter down to the industrial segment portfolios of the AMLCD manufacturers.Even as these improvement are implemented, Thin-film EL displays still out-perform AMLCD's in a number of categories and likely will always do so due to fundamental differences in the technologies. Planar manufactures a number of EL displays with -40 to +85C specs for operating temperature More…


Dec 05, 2005

Planar writes the next chapter for retailing kiosks

The magazine, Direct Marketing News wrote an article on the future of kiosks on the floors of retail shopping locations. The article highlights the Hot Wheels kiosk that Planar developed for FAO Schwarz, the high-profile toy retailer.Our own Rob Baumgartner is oddly quoted: "Kids are a great application." Of course in context, Rob was pointing out that using the kiosks to communicate with youth is a great way of applying the technology. "They find [the kiosk] so engaging," he went on to say.It's great to see how a tool that Planar is helping to pioneer is really taking big steps forward.
Nov 18, 2005

Want to see a display being stressed out?

Take our one question poll to make requests for new stress tests videos. We'll shoot video of the most popular selections and post them on this web site.Click here to take our Stress Test Video Request poll


Nov 18, 2005

EL Rocks!

Stick and stones will break your bones but never your EL display!


Nov 18, 2005

Chill Test

Here's a video from 2003 of a passive LCD at -27° C. It's a bit large and slow to download right now but we'll try to use shorter clips in the future. If you have a videos of displays in extreme conditions, we would love to see them. Just send your video to info@planar.com


Nov 04, 2005

Communication Channels

We are working to open up the communication channels to and from our customers. As part of our goal to be open, accessible, and supportive, we have created this forum for our employees to communicate in a very open and real way.If you have already purchased a Planar product or are interested in our products, be sure to check out the rest of our web site. If you're wondering why Planar monitors are a great choice, keep reading here. If you've had contact with Planar before and would like to get more information, or follow up, let us know using the contact links below.We love our customers and we love technology. We know that our customers are smart More…