Dec 09, 2004

The Competing Display Technologies

Check out this cool article discussing the current four main competing display technologies by DisplayMate writer Raymond Soneira. It is the second in a four part article set on the topic of comparing the four technologies, LCD, plasma, DLP rear-projection and CRT with regards to gray-scale and color accuracy.Learn more at ExtremeTech- Dr. D.


Dec 02, 2004

HDTV: A Shopper’s Survival Guide

Check out the great BusinessWeek article on the current trends in digital television and HDTV. What are some of the latest technologies out there and what trends should we expect for the next few years. The article discusses topics at high-levels and is therefore not necessarily to informative for real home theater geeks.Check it out.-Dr. D.


Dec 01, 2004

Side Projection Flat-Panel Display Startup Moves Forward

As mentioned in an earlier blog entry, the newly developed flat-panel technology by Cambridge Flat Projection Display Ltd. is raising a number of eye-brows in the display industry. The startup has now received funding to proceed in its development phase and also build capabilities to license the technology. United Kingdom's National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts (NESTA) has provided £150,000 ($285,000) in funding to allow this emerging technology to develop additional prototypes and draw more interest from corporate sponsors.Learn more at EE Times- Dr. D.