Current Uncertainty for LCD Industry, Long-Term Future Looks Bright

Sales of LCD panels have been falling short of the aggressive expectations set for 2004. This due to the general strategy of “if you build it, they will buy it” that has been adopted in the last decade among the leading display panel manufactures in Asia. With the conversion rate of CRT to LCD slowing and a continuous strong demand for CRT-based televisions by the market, LCD display products have been faced with less than expected growth.

According to research firm iSupply however, the demand for LCD panels will pick up significantly with primarily large screen displays driving the demand. Panel shipments are estimated to rise to 31.6 million square meters in 2008 up from 10.7 million in 2004. LCD TVs is furthermore estimated to account for 35% in 2008 versus 15% in 2004.

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-Dr. D.