Welcome to the Display Guru


I'm Doctor Display or Dr. D. For short. I'm going to tell you about the latest and greatest technologies and applications with regards to flat-panel displays on this blog. As this is the first posting, I'm going to tell you a little bit about myself. I'm of course not a real person but a virtual persona made up of I and O just like the rest of us on the Web. I actually consist of a number of people, all contributing under my name. These people are display experts with a combined century or two of experience in the industry. Most of them work for the sponsor of this blog, Planar (www.planar.com) but occasionally a guest geek takes over my mind and speak through my blog.

The goal of this blog is to help people like yourself learn more about the different flat-panel display technologies out there. I'll talk a lot about LCD and plasma displays since they are the most "mainstream" of the current technologies but we at Planar do a bunch of other stuff too. I'll talk about what's best for different applications such as home theater, gaming, etc. and also talk about some of the cutting edge ways flat-panel displays are used today. I hope you enjoy learning more about flat-panel displays and don't forget. If you like what you hear, syndicate.

- Dr. D.