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Product & Technology Training

Planar is committed to providing comprehensive training and support to our valued Reseller Partners and offers training courses tailored to different product and technology needs and skill levels. New Planar Reseller Partners are required to attend an initial training course, which will be provided at no charge, as long at the Reseller Partner participates in the initial training within six months of becoming a Planar Reseller Partner. Reseller Partners are also required to attend periodic training classes to maintain their trained status as new products and technologies are available.

Upcoming Training

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CTS Certified Training Courses

Planar offers regularly scheduled CTS Certified Training Courses. Below is the schedule of upcoming training times.  If you are unable to make a time listed below you may request a training session of a CTS or AIS Course at our Beaverton OfficeWashington D.C. Showroom, or New York City Showroom.

Course Name Location & Dates
Fundamentals of Fine Pitch LED
DC Showroom: 10/12
Keys to Video Wall Content Development
NYC Showroom: 11/7
Clarity Matrix LCD Video Wall System Certified Installer CTS Training
Beaverton Office: 9/2810/27, 11/30
DC Showroom: 10/16
NYC Showroom: 10/31
Planar Mosaic Architectural Video Walls Certified Installer CTS Training
Beaverton Office: 9/29, 12/1
Clarity VCS Video Wall Processor Certified Installer CTS Training
Beaverton Office: 9/2710/26, 11/29
Leyard TWA Series Certified Installer Training

Beaverton Office: 9/2610/25, 11/28
DC Showroom: 11/15
Los Angeles: 12/12, 12/13

Leyard TVH Series Certified Installer Training

Beaverton Showroom: 10/23

Planar DirectLight LED Video Wall System Certified Installer Training

Leyard CarbonLight LED Display Certified Installer Training 

Beaverton Office: 9/25

Leyard DirectLight LED Video Wall System Certified Installer Training Beaverton Office: 10/24, 11/27
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American Institute of Architects (AIA) Training

Planar is an AIA Cornerstone Partner and an Approved Provider of AIA Continuing Education Systems (CES) credit classes.AIA_logo The AIA/CES mission is to “support members in mastering new knowledge and skills in order to meet the changing requirements of the profession and to responsibly meet the role society entrusts to architects.” AIA/CES sessions help AIA members meet their state licensing board MCE requirements.

To request a Planar AIA CES session for your organization or local AIA chapter office, contact Planar.

Planar AIA Course Location & Dates
Designing Media Walls
DC Showroom: 7/12, 11/14
Interactive Displays
DC Showroom: 9/19
Fine Pitch LED Video Walls
DC Showroom: 8/10, 10/12
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